Our passion for antiques


We admire antique craftsmanship, pieces of art that required skills that have (almost) vanished from old times such as the skills of building a clock or carving a beautiful statue out of wood or marble. Since many years we have collected beautiful pieces of art that we found in flee markets or market places all around Europe. Recently we decided to turn this love for antique into a way of living. We like to offer these jewels of history for you to enjoy.

Beautiful bronze, amazes


The art of casting a sculpture into bronze dates back from the time of the ancient greeks. Already they were capable of making a mold around a beeswax carving, this mold was made of stone or clay and then baked in the oven which is the origin of the cire perdu method: in the oven the wax (cire) would melt and disappear (perdu). This would then leave a mold that could be filled with hot liquid metal (zinc, copper, bronze) so that the form of the original wax carving would appear after the metal cooled down and the mold was broken away.

We love the bronze statues from the 18th and 19th century. The art of sculpting human figures was at its height around that time. We love the emotion that radiates from a bust of Emmanuel Villanis, from the early art nouveau period and we admire the shapes of the female figures in a pair of Louis Seize candlesticks. It is our pleasure to find these pearls and offer them for sale here on our web shop.


Clocks that tick the time away


In antique times clocks were the center piece of beauty in the living room. It would get an eye-catching position above the fireplace or it would hang from the wall. In the 18th century or early 19th century only the king or the noble men could afford such art, later it became available to a much wider public. We love to find the extraordinary pieces that will fit your own place.

What is beauty?


It was Confucius who said

“everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”

The Past Shapes The Present

Form follows function


We are a couple of art lovers that enjoy nothing more than to spend hours of our time travelling to market places, art galleries, antique stores and auctions to find beautiful items from the past. Antique is our passion and we like to present it as beautiful as we can, in our house and on our website for you to enjoy.

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The Past Shapes The Present

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